This is the documentation for the v2 ORS API. If you have additional questions, or believe you have encountered a bug, don't hesitate to contact ORS help desk.


All API responses are XML or JSON. You can change the 'format' parameter to change the response.

Users can trim API responses down to just the fields they are interested in using custom filters. Many fields are not normally returned (Ids for example) that can likewise be requested via a custom filter.


Get all projects (with Targets)

Get total project targets of an indicator. Use this API to find out gap between Cluster Target and Projects Targets.

Get reported data of project (Activity Indicators).


Get all Reported Key-Figures

Get Lake Chad Key-Figures

Output Indicators

Get Monthly Achived Reports Of Output Inidcators

Cluster Framework

Get Cluster Framework 'Activities'

Get Cluster Framework 'Indicators'

ORS Misc.

Get Organizations By Country (Depends on Projects)